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The Festival des Forêts

A unique festival

For 28 years, the Festival des Forêts has been renewing the forms of concerts, inviting the audience to live new experiences, bringing together music, nature and heritage. Only one hour away from Paris, it gives a large part to creation, multidisciplinarity, and it hosts exceptional musicians  in audacious settings.

A unique festival dedicated to discovery and originality, it offers unexpected links between nature and art : a real immersion into nature and a guided discovery of the forest allow the audience to approach the musical works with a new sensory experience.

Four formulas to meet a wide range of audience

> Highlight concerts of the festival They offer all sorts of public intense musical emotions  in exceptional places.

> Music in the forest The festival allows to link hiking and concerts, with specialized guides, a genuine immersion into nature in order to intensify the experience of the festival goer.

> Cosy events and Downtown festival In the heart of lovely villages or amidst different areas of Compiègne, these concerts are an opportunity to hear international artists and to exchange with them in a very friendly atmosphere.

> Children and families The festival offers concerts for the young ones as well as musical workshops  called “les p’tites Zoreilles” for children between 4 and 10 .

An immersion into music and nature

The Festival des Forêts proposes a real immersion into classical music and into nature during musical walks in the forest. It’s a unique experience for self-research !

During the festival, two types of walks are proposed :

> Before-concert hiking For persons with a ticket for one of the concerts of the day (previous booking the day before) , walks with a theme such as history, nature, botany, singing, guided by a specialized expert, OR hiking of 12 or more kilometers


> Musical Forest Bathing Distinct from the concerts (duration: 3 hours) In Japan, the benefits for the body and the mind of shinrin yoku  (forest bathing) have been well-known for a long time. The festival proposes a three-hour- walk guided by a coach and a musician.

Concerts spots

The Hauts-de-France region is rich in exceptional monuments as well as astonishing forests, a pure delight for nature lovers and hikers.

The Festival des Forêts, a few figures

  • 20 concerts in 14 spots in one month
  • 80 composers – 300 guest artists
  • More than 9000 spectators  ( festival and educational concerts)
  • 24 % increase of audience between 2012 and 2019
  • Budget 560 K€
  • 94  public and private partners
  • 100 volunteers