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Promoting the access to culture

School project

Since 1996, the Festival des Forêts has developed and accompanied musical discovery projects with Schools.

It has spread its activity aimed at a more fragile audience, opening access to music for all, but particularly handicapped or disabled children.

The project allows them to meet with children from the general cursus , thus developing pair-working throughout the school year, during which each pair has the opportunity to have activities together, such as discovering classical music, nature and doing sport …

The goals are numerous and varied :

  • get the body and mind ready to have pleasure in listening to classical music;
  • have the opportunity to meet with artists and various works;
  • discover the forest and become sensitive to the environment
  • help disabled or fragile children to participate in stimulating activities with other children.

A few figures

  • 12 partnering schools
  • 16 pairs of children
  • 460 schoolboys or girls
  • 4 workshops
  • 2 concerts

Good to know :  the project has the support of Conseil Départemental de l’Oise, Ville de Compiègne and School Board Inspection.

Furthermore, the Festival de Forêts  also participates in local events, and is regularly involved in actions aimed at the prison environment