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Become volunteers

Share a human and musical adventure

The Festival des Forêts has existed for 28 years thanks to the commitment of volunteers of all ages and from all backgrounds who give of their time and energy so that concerts and educational activities can be carried out. Welcoming spectators, transporting artists, catering stands, assembly and disassembly: a thousand little tasks that also make a festival a success. In exchange ? A great human experience, many highlights, teamwork, emotion and cheerfulness.

How to become a volunteer & nbsp ;?
A first contact with the persons in charge of the coordination of the volunteers makes it possible to present the operation of the festival and the missions to be fulfilled. Motivation and the sharing of values ​​are essential. At the end of the first exchange, the applicant confirms his desire to invest and his commitment.

Recruited a few months before the festival, which takes place each year between June 21 and July 20, volunteers are consulted on their availability and are entrusted with different tasks corresponding to the needs of the organization of each day of concert. Key or overly technical positions are entrusted to members of the permanent team, intermittent staff or outside professionals. & Nbsp;

In exchange for time slots that they devote according to their availability, volunteers have free access to the festival’s programming when their task is completed. It’s also a good way to look behind the scenes, to get a foothold in events, an experience that is always useful when looking to work in this increasingly popular sector.

You like music, you are available, join the festival’s volunteer team by sending us your contact details by email to