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Become a sponsor

Give a different tone to your communication

The Festival des Forêts proposes various formulas for your company :

  • During a VIP event to communicate with your clients where you will associate the image of your company with a  highlight musical evening
  • With special company tickets offering your guests the opportunity to experience a unique moment in exceptionnal conditions (personal welcome, free programme and champagne)

Sponsoring means sharing values

Sponsoring is the exclusive meeting point of the Company and the cultural world, a unique place where men can share their likes and values, for their own pleasure and for the benefit of the companies and their projects.

This partnership can be dedicated to the music festival only, but also to the actions in favor of the discovery of music, nature and sport which the Festival des Forêts develops (educational project for disabled or non-handicapped children and the families).

The company can choose between various objectives of action and communication, thus creating a tailored sponsorship.

Attractive tax provisions

The 1st August 2003 sponsoring law makes the tax provision more attractive.

Donations allow a 60% cut of the corporate tax with a 0,5°/oo limited amount of the turnover.

Companies also have the possibility to benefit from counterparts to enhance their image which can be significant, although not proportional to the donation.

For example :

  • A company agrees upon 3 000 € donation for the Festival. The tax provision will be reduced by 60% of the amount donated, 1 800 € *. The actual participation will be 1 200 €. The company’s name will appear on all communication documents and the company will have the possibility to receive counterparts up to 25 % of the donation. The counterparts can consist of « company tickets » which can be part of advertising or public relation actions and their cost can be part of operating expenses.

*the value of the free tickets will be deduced from this amount, as well as all the particular requests