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Family concert


Maximum 2h30


Under 18: € 6 Adult: 22 €


03 44 40 28 99

Nouveauté : Bain de Forêt Musical “FAMILLES”

Saturday 19 June 2021


New in 2021: the Festival des Forêts is pleased to invite families to experience a Musical Forest Bath specially designed for them! Parents and children benefit from an adapted multisensory experience, to share the benefits of nature, music and well-being mediation in the exceptional setting of the forests of Compiègne and Laigue. On the menu, creative workshops, short walk and anchorage for young and old, initiation into the fundamentals of sylvotherapy and above all a few keys to learning to listen better - to music, to yourself, to others - thanks to the nature that surrounds us.


2.15 p.m .: Gradual welcome of participants 2:30 p.m .: Departure from the Musical Forest Bath 4:30 p.m. / 5:00 p.m .: Return to the starting point, conviviality time around a cold drink


This Musical Forest Bath is open to families, whatever their composition, including at least one adult and one or more children from 6 to 18 years old.

Practical information:

We recommend that you adapt your outfit to walking in the forest:
  • Long sleeves, pants rather than shorts or a skirt
  • Closed shoes
  • At least one large bottle of water per family
  • Anti-mosquito spray, anti-tick spray, ...


Mandy Schreuder, well-being mediator Isabelle Chomet & amp; Bertrand Cazé, guitarists Information on 03 44 40 28 99


The sylvotherapy comes to us from Japan where the benefits for the body and the spirit of these practices of immersion and meditation in the forest have been known since the 90s under the name of shinrin yoku (forest bath ). The Forest Festival, which for 27 years has invited its audience to walk in the forest before concerts, was a precursor. During its 26th th edition, it created the Musical Forest Baths . Distinct from concerts, these marches combine contact with nature and listening to living music, because they have many points in common and pursue the same end: connection with oneself, a source of harmony and well-being. The Musical forest baths benefit from the experience accumulated by the festival in supporting the public in the forest and in mediation. Two people have finely crafted them:
  • Jean-Luc Chavanis , coach, consultant and trainer, designer of the Métanature method of business mediation , author of Ces Jardins qui nous aide (Le Courrier du Livre);
  • Christine Vervel, hospital doctor, pediatrician, member of the board of directors of the Forest Festival.
The Musical forest baths are for everyone and offer the following experiences:
  • Departure and arrival in a historic site to discover, in the middle of the forest or on the edge;
  • A welcome drink or coffee;
  • An easy walk in the forest totaling approximately 5 to 6 kilometers;
  • Times of observation, listening, breathing and meditation guided by the mediator;
  • Exercises to connect with nature, especially with trees (the famous tree huging );
  • The presence of music in the heart of nature, to accompany certain exercises;
  • Music listening breaks, in the forest and at the place of departure or arrival;
  • On the way back, a tasting of exceptional teas.
At the end, simple and reproducible exercises are given to the participants: the Musical Forest Bath, by establishing an intimate and attentive contact with nature and with music, opened a path towards self-knowledge, harmony and The well-being. It is up to everyone to pursue it! Group and company formula The festival offers, from 12 people, the organization of a tailor-made "Musical Forest Bath". Contact us for more information !