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Forest walks

The alliance between music and nature

The Festival des Forêts offers an immersion in classical music but also in nature during musical hikes in the forest.

During the festival, two types of walks are offered:

The pre-concert steps during the hiking concerts (accessible to spectators in possession of a ticket for one of the concerts of the day).

Progress of a concert-walk:
1:00 p.m.: Picnic,
2:00 p.m.: Departure, at your choice for

  • a thematic walk guided by an expert: history, nature, ethnobotany and song…
  • a hike for walkers, 12km on average.
    4:00 pm: Break musical in the heart of nature,
    5:00 pm: Free afternoon tea,
    6:00 pm: Concert in a village full of character.

“Musical forest baths” (separate from concerts, accessible with a specific ticket).
In Japan, the benefits for body and mind of shinrin yoku (bath forest) are well known. Here it takes the form of a 3-hour walk guided by a mediator and a musician.

Calendar of pre-concert marches:

Saturday June 27 at Saint Crépin-aux-Bois
2 p.m. Departure from the church
Your choice

  • Discovery walk The society of trees
  • Grand walker hike, Promenade de Diane (11.4 km, difficult)
    6 p.m. Concert, Beethoven and the nature

Sunday July 5 in Saint-Jean-aux-Bois
2 p.m. Departure from the abbey church
Your choice

  • Discovery walk The life of the forest
  • Grand walker hike, On the path of the nymphs (11.5 km, quite difficult)
    6 p.m. Concert 100% Beethoven